Connection To Another Wiki Page
A wiki that I can really connect to is Kacie’s Growing up Female in America page. She goes into similar details that I go into in my representation of power page and also my growing up female page. She uses similar sources and movies that I used but she is describing a whole different ideology. I found it interesting that she described similar scenes that I described but they were portrayed differently in her wiki because they were meant to do so.
Kacie’s and my
wiki both talked about Mulan and Beauty and the Beast. Kacie talks about how Mulan is a symbol of the maid that a woman should be because she isn’t elegible to go to war. Similar to my wiki page I talk about how men have the power because Mulan is forced to become a man in order to get drafted for the war and take her fathers place. She also goes into very specific detail about a scene that I wrote about in the movie Beauty and the Beast. There is a scene where Gaston (the main antagonist) pushes Belle up against a wall to intimidate her. Kacie states that the scene is inferring that women are only good housewives, nothing more. That women appear weak and small compared to men because of how they are portrayed. I took the same scene and went into how men are given all the power and how they use this power to intimidate women in these Disney movies. We take two of the same movies with one scene being the same and have a totally different paper for our wikis.
Kacie goes on to talk about how Disney is trying to portray women as these perfect beings and if you aren’t a perfect woman then you are worthless. I similarly wrote about growing up female in society but used different movies to support my page. Kacie goes into details about how women are portrayed as weak and are just “little housewives” in the eyes of Disney. I similarly state that women are weak and that they are in need of men and can’t fend for themselves when Disney in involved.
Overall, both of our papers seek out similar ideas and use similar sources to support our ideas. Although in some cases we were searching for different information, it is safe to say that Disney gave off similar impressions on both Kacie and me.

Gaston Threatens Belle