Connection to Gay Relationships in the Media

It is evident that homosexual relationships are portrayed in a much different light than heterosexual relationships are by the media. Despite the stereotypes and bias against gays in the mid 1900s, the media today is beginning to realize that they must conform to all ways of life. external image ew-cover-glee-kurt-blaine.jpgOne of the first shows to portray gay relationships was the popular t.v. show, Will & Grace. Although the show played upon many stereotypes, it still managed to portray gay men as normal human beings and showed them in a positive light. Jenna made a very good point when she mentioned that the show, Will & Grace, gave the idea that the perfection relationship was between a female and a gay male, but I think it’s also important to mention that the show played upon the idea that gay men are sex addicts and always looking for a quick score. external image kurt-and-blaine-kiss.jpgAlthough shows such as Glee portray gays as covering their true identities, I think it accurately displays what many gay men and women go through. Since much controversy arises over the issue of gay marriage and gay relationships, many are afraid to reveal their true image. I’m not sure if society as a whole will accept homosexuality, but I think the media is actually helping gay relationships across America. The show Modern Family shows a loving gay relationship between two guys and shows that they are able to live a successful life and able to raise a baby by themselves. I do disagree with that point that Jenna makes when she mentions that gay couples are portrayed as having a lack of affection. In the show, Glee, characters Blaine and Kurt are shown as being quite affectionate and having many dates in which they get a coffee or something to eat at a restaurant. In just the last episode, Blaine told Kurt that he loved him. That seems pretty affectionate to me. Also, with the show Modern Family, Mitch and Cam are seen kissing each other and taking care of one another when one of them is sick. They are also shown taking care of their adopted baby together and going on occasional dates. If that is seen as a lack of affection, that I’m not sure what affection is.

external image Cam-Mitch-cam-and-mitch-14941981-1280-1024.jpg