Connecting to Tim Love’s Representation of Power
Both my Representation of Power Wiki and Tim’s had agree on multiple subjects. We both talk about how white males have most of the power. I explain how in politics it is usually the white male who has most of the power and he explains how the white male in the television how, “Community” is the most powerful character that has the most influence on the other characters.
Our wikis differ by my Wiki elaborating that there is a power transition going on throughout the world. i explain that as time is progressing, more power is given to minorities and woman, while Tim leaves it at the white male has all the power. A suggestion to Tim could have been him giving examples of other shows that are focused around minorities or women instead of the stereotypical white male.
The white male still holds the power in society, but the transition of more minorities and women are soon to come as time progresses.

external image Chuck-Norris.jpgChuck Norris: played a powerful white male character as the Texas Ranger while his deputy was the less powerful deputy