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Ryan's Growing up male/female in America in 2011

Our pages are connected through the discussion of representation of gay males in the media. We both cited Glee and Modern Family as examples of modern representations of gay relationships. In general I agree with what Ryan is discussing on his page. Glee really seems to be a huge step in the right direction for representations of homosexual relationships in addition to many other stereotyped groups and identities. As I stated in my page on Representation of Difference, Glee has both a gay couple and a lesbian couple. It shows the difficulties that the characters Kurt and Blaine have to go to as well as addressing that not all gay males look, dress, act, and sound the same. Ryan also noted that it was recently revealed that one of the football players on Glee was gay. This too adds the the positive strides that Glee has had to breaking down previous stereotypes and misconceptions about gay people.
However, I feel that there are still flaws in some of the representations and scenarios involving Kurt and Blaine. Like I previously stated, I think it is a positive thing to see the difficulties that Kurt, Blaine, and Dave Karofsky (the football player) go through- their internal struggles, constantly being "slushied", and having to deal with pranks like being voted prom queen. But occasionally it gets to the point where the show almost seems to be supporting the opinions and ideas of those that make fun of Kurt. I used an example from the prom episode in my blog. When Kurt wants to wear a kilt to prom even his boyfriend Blaine doesn't support him, saying that they do not want to draw attention to themselves. It almostseems to go back on what Glee is supposed to stand for.