The Political Landscape
Theway weperceive things such asmovies and the meanings behind movies can be a very political thing. Politics is all about opinion and ideas and if the wrong idea is put out there is a lot of controversy. Disney has been known to have scenes in multiple movies that are very inappropriate and not meant for children’s eyes. These scenes have been known to create a lot of controversy anddrama because it appears as if they were purposefully put there and weren’t accidents. Let’s be honest, who would really think these are accidents when they have happened multiple times throughout different Disney movies? The political aspect behind this is, should these children be exposed to these subliminal messages, or should then be kept in the dark until their parents have the talk about the birds and the bees?

The Lion King has a scene that is one of the most well known of all of the movies. Duringthe movie there is a scene where Simba flops down and the dust from the ground is pushed into the sky forming the word “sex”. A conservative activist by the name of Donald Wildmon says it’s a fact that this message is meant to promote sexual promiscuity. There is no doubt about it that this message wasn’t an accident. There is no reason why the dust should spell out “sex” or even resemble the letters of “sex” other than because it was meant to say “sex”. Most people would agree that children are not meant to know the word sex, the meaning behind it or what it entails. People of certain ages are just not meant to be exposed to these kinds of things, at least that is what society tells us. This brings up this political landscape of whether or not a child should know about sex once they reach an age of understanding. In reality, why is this world shielded from us for as long as possible, you would think that people would want to talk about it more so that the idea becomes a natural thing and not something you need to hide. I feel as though shielding children from aspects of life that don’t change is just unnecessary and is doing more harm than good.

The Little Mermaid has more than one subliminal message. On the original cover of the movie, there was something hidden, but was found that was not meant for the eyes of young children. There is a hidden picture of a penis in the castle behind Princess Ariel and Prince Eric. As soon as this picture was discovered, Disney stopped the production of those covers and created a new one. But the point is, is that someone purposefully put that there as a joke. The person probably got the exact reaction they wanted, parents freaking out, the company freaking out. All over something that shouldn’t mean much in our society. It’s a male body party, its not something that should be ashamed of. Although, yes it shouldn’t have been revealed in that way, but still it shouldn’t have caused such a ruckus. Also, in the movie, when Prince Eric is about to marry Ursula, the priest has a very well seeable erection while marrying them. This is something I personally think should be shielded a little more than a male body part or sex. I feel as though erections are something private and shouldn’t be revealed to a child and the fact that it is there is disturbing and not anything I want to see or do parents want their children seeing.

All of these subliminal messages are only supporting the fact that so many things are shielded from children to “protect” them. But do children really need shielding? Should these things come as such a shock to them? These messages are unnecessary and inappropriate, but they bring up valid points in society about how we treat situations and deal with things in life. I do not support the messages in any way; I just think that maybe if children weren’t so in the dark about things, they wouldn’t have been such a big deal.