Beer And Men: The Forced Love Affair

Beer and men and the love affair that exists between has been around for as long fermentation has exisited. However the pure guilt trip that modern day society has put on men, well that is something new. A man toteing a plae ale is a man, a man that is handeling a cosmopolitan with a cute accompanying straw is no more than the ridicule of the group. where did this come from? How has this image, this ideal evolved to what it is today?

Growing Up Male In America In 2011

Mendrink beer, Men love beer. Or so it has to be. Growing up, this is all I saw, family parties was where I saw most of was a joke if you went to retrieve drinks from the same table that the kids were. You were supposed to be indulging in a “mans” drink. Now this idea to me was so engrained, literally just implanted into my young skull. So much that when my dad stopped drinking this man elixir I thought there was a greater problem than what was at hand. I wasn’t thinking about his health or anything of that nature but rather of his position in the realms of manhood. In hindsight that selfish mentality was just how naïve I was. It wasn’t until later that I actually realized this so portrayed drink of champions wasn’t so much that. Upon growing up it felt much more like an item to fit in. Much like name brands are to an middle school child I came to learn a bottle of a nice ale could be the same thing to a middle age mbeer2.jpgan. It is a symbol of manhood and status. If 2 men are sitting at a table one is drinking a whole bodied wheat beer and the other is drinking a appletini instinctively most peopBUDWE.jpgle would say that the man chugging away at the brew inheritably deserves the title of being more manly. And this crude assumption is purely based of the ideas that we have in our heads. Now through much research I have found that this idea isn’t just captured from what we seein the confines of our families but something much larger. This on the opposite side of the spectrum it was quite clear that women in fact had nothing to do with this. In fact they were the opposite, the driving force, the flirty dim witted damsel fueling men with this potion. They weren’t the target audience, and it was made quite clear that they always were not the intended target audience. Instead of marketing to a quarter of the total beer consumers in a strange way the beer companies completely alienate this demographic. Gone. Wiped out, now the question than rises. Would it truly be that hard to extend advertising to that last quarter of the market. That answer seems to be quite clear. It wouldnt. Men aadvertising go hand and hand. So when I becomebeer.jpg a certain age all the years of brainwashing will take hold and I will partake

in this custom that is apart of manhood.

Representation Of Difference
When women wanted to drink alcohol it was in any form but beer. This was soley reserved for men. In this picture to the left, the true "role" of the women is shown. To serve, smile and love her man. And with this Schiltz beer you will get all three of these things. Or so it appeaars. So often do this advertisements place men over Womenand treat them purely as a way to seduce men
external image 090804_TBM_slideshow-8a.jpg into drinking their product. This image of men over women, and beer over women does not just extend to the hetrosexual white male, but rather actually far beyond that. The executives at large beer companies spare no expense when creating advertisements that reach every corner of the male population. As we see in both of these pictures, the gay and African American demographics are not excluded but rather joined right in to create a beer drinking brotherhood. Here we see race class and sexual orientation team up quite magnificantly against one particular gender,
external image beerisgay%3F.jpgin that of
It is truly remarkable to see and industry thrive on having the business of virtually every demographic except one and make very good sales. They have done this so sucessfully by creating the idea in mens heads that if they do not conform to this, they will in fact be different. And no man wants to be different, no matter what their background may be. In this case difference is both the selling point, and the thing that pushes a whole demographic away.Men as a whole have the pass that is required to join this brotherhood and women are on the outside, forcede to watch and used a marketing tool.

Political Landscape
A modern day culture like the one that we are living in today would seem to have a fair and balanced way of life. One without discrimination, with both gender living equally. One may think this all the more true because women have established equal rights. A womens role in everyday life is huge, however the way that such is depicted in advertising is not a direct reflection of how important they are to our society. In fact in media women are no more than a sexy way to deliver a product. Negative stereotypesand women need to come to an end. In the 1920's women gained the right to vote in the United States Of America, but dipicted in ads on television and print, one would never have guessed this. There is no governing body that forces a company to extend its target audience to women. It is also just as true to say that there no is no governing body that controls if women are used as a so called "beauty" force to sell a product. This is without a doubt wrong and nothing has or is being done to alter this course of action.