284px-Anti_Racism.png7036_nhl_logo.jpgRepresentation of Difference in Sports:

A big part of American culture has, and will always be sports. Another part of American history that has impacted our culture today is racism. Now usually you won’t make a quick connection between racism and sports, but sadly enough it does exist. Recently on big name television stations, like CBS and ESPN, racial stereotypes have been exploited by sportscasters themselves making racial slurs towards players.

Although America has made great strides since the early 1900’s when African Americans were not even allowed to participate in professional sports, to today where many sports are dominated by African Americans, racism is still a problem. Stereotypes today have changed from the past, today many believe that certain sports are dominated by one racial group and that just because they are a certain race, they are automatically good at that sport. “He’s got getting’ away from the cops speed” this comment was made during a game by Gus Johnson a sportscaster from CBS to Tennessee Titans running back Chris Johnson. This is very controversial because Chris Johnson is an African American and this comment can be seen as a derogatory stereotype towards all African Americans, stating that they are often involved with crimes and the police and often end up running from them. What makes this more controversial is that the reporter Gus Johnson was also an African American, now does that make it right for him to say something like this? If he was white, what would the consequences and the severity of this comment be? I personally feel that no matter who you are, what race you are, that this is an unacceptable comment, especially because it was on national television. There is no reason to stereotype an entire racial group. Although no one should say this kind of thing, if it was a white male reporter who said this, the severity of this would have been much worse. nfl-logo.gif

In today’s society, we often see it as more harmful for a white male to say something racial or derogatory rather than an African American saying something racial to their own kind, it is more widely accepted for them to say those types of things. If a white person were to make such a comment, it would be considered “othering” of the racial group. There can be severe consequences if these comments are heard, or if action is taken from hearing these comments. There are laws, hate crime laws, protecting anyone from being “othered” either verbally or physically. Also if someone hears these comments and are offended, this could lead to retaliation and more severe crimes than just words being said. This needs to stop; racism and sports should never be related to one another.

Chris Johnson "runnin' from the cops speed"

Representation of Power:
In America power is something that many crave, many have, and many take advantage of. Most commonly portrayed in the media are those who seem to hold “power” is those with either political power, or the power of the dollar, those who has the most money. Anyone can obtain power in America because of all the opportunities given to us in our everyday lives. Although, some people are less fortunate due to situations at home, regarding lack of guidance from parents or the culture they arestacks_of_money001.jpg being raised in, even the surroundings they are being brought up in can affect the opportunities they are given and how they can see and obtain power. The movie Chop Shop exemplifies how a young boy lacks guidance but seeks power through the opportunities he is presented with and what he views as being powerful in the world he lives in. Growing up as a child, you often seek guidance in an adult, someone in your life who you consider successful, helpful and a hero. Often times this may be a parent, grandparent, older sibling, teacher, coach or even an older friend. If you have someone in your life like this, they may keep you in line and push you along the right track as a child which sets you up for a successful future. Alejandro lacked any guidance from a parent, he grew up in the slums of New York City where he learned to chop cars and make fast money with older kids who also lacked guidance. Many of these people who worked the chop shop didn’t have formal education, but quickly learned how to make money and that is how they viewed power, who had the most money. Money and power go hand in hand in, in today’s society. This is portrayed in the media and is being implanted into my generation’s minds. This can cause greed and power savages who will stop at no costs to gain ultimate power.

Chop Shop Trailer

Growing up male and female:
SerratoreManning.JPGWhen you think of who plays sports, your first response will most likely be men. Men play sports, all sports, always have been and always will dominate the field o134_lax_loyola_200.jpgf athletics. Now in a country of equality, this does not seem fair. Women need to be given credit when credit is due, even in a situation like this. Women do participate in many athletic events, equally as many as men do. There are not many sports that men can and do play that women don’t and vice versa for women. Because of societies stereotyping, men don’t participate in certain sports because they are seen as feminine or not masculine enough, not because there are any rules not allowing them. And as for women, there is nothing stopping them from participating in the same athletic events as men. It is all societies’ stereotypes that men have a greater physical advantage over women, which is not true. There are many women who are as tough, fast, and as strong as many of the elite male athletes. It must be the male ego or insecurity, but as soon as a female says that they want to go play basketball with a male, the males shun them due to the fact that it is a woman and they won’t be able to play as well as them. When a female is asked if they play any sports, the normal response you’ll expect is cheer leading, soccer or field hockey. Those are sports mainly dominated by females. Are there males that can play those sports, yes, do they normally, no,title9-02-bg.jpg it is because of society.
09000d5d80bf82cd_gallery_600.jpgGrowing up a male in America, if you are going to be an athlete, you are going to play football, baseball, basketball, hockey, lacrosse or soccer, men’s sports. If you are a female, you are going to be a cheerleader, dancer or soccer player. Many people feel that women’s sports are safer, and there is a less chance of injury. This is far from true. In fact cheer leading is one of the most dangerous sports in the world today. Stereotypes from society should not restrict a male or females aspirations of competing in any sporting event. Our country is equal; men and women are equal in society, why should there be a difference in sports.

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Justin Bieber’s fame and fortune has been a great success for himself and for pop culture. He has done music videos, concerts, and even a 3D movie and he is only seventeen. He is now moving into the fashion world by opening up a line of Bieber nail polish as told by Alexis Sprio’s blog on power in the media. Now some may say that this is strategic marketing seeing as his demographic of his fans are young girls aged 10 to 17. Some may find this a bit controversial and may raise some questions about his sexual orientation. It is not uncommon for famous justin-bieber-nail-polish.jpgathletes, celebrities or pop stars to open up a line of shoes, clothing, colognes or perfumes, or nail polishes if you are a female. For example, Michael Jordan paired up with Nike’s corporation to create the Jordan brand. You can find just about anything you can imagine with the Jordan logo on it, from backpacks, to shoes, to shorts, cleats, batting gloves, earrings, to even a belt buckle and phone case. He has commercialized just about any piece of clothing or accessory you could think of. Justin Bieber starting his nail polish line is something that you would never see a professional male athlete do. Male athletes take the stereotype of strong, masculine, rough and tough, type personalities, where a male pop star like Justin Bieber can be questioned in his sexuality because they often do radical things either in their songs or in public. It is acceptable for female pop stars to dress radically or make radical changes, but as for men, they need to conform to be very similar. They need to be able to produce original music and perform separate talents, but not be out of the ordinary. Alexis mentions Lady GaGa and all her young “monster”jordanbrandclassic.jpg followers, this is not thought of as a bad thing, it is more thought of as fame and power because she is doing something unique to connect to her fans. If a male were to do this, they would immediately sense homosexuality in them or they would consider the male a pedophile. Maybe it is because athletes and pop stars are seen as different types of fame, but athletes don’t really connect to their fans unless they are signing autographs, or doing charity events. Celebrities and athletes are always looking to expose themselves whether it is in the media or in someone’s everyday life. An easy way to do so is by making their way into the fashion world. It is becoming more and more common for celebrities to open clothing lines, shoe lines and cosmetic lines. But Justin Bieber opened up a nail polish line, something very radical for a male pop star to do. It is not common for an athlete or a male pop star to do it. It raises questions about his sexual orientation. Although he is only seventeen, Justin Bieber is making a statement.