1) To force (someone) toward a particular end; influence.2) A stress or force acting in any direction against resistance.
"The only pressure I'm under is the pressure I've put on myself." -Mark Messi
Stress:1) A mentally or emotionally disruptive or upsetting condition occurring in response to adverse external influences and capable of affecting physical health, usually characterized by increased heart rate, a rise in blood pressure, muscular tension, irritability, and depression.2) The internal resistance of a body to such an appllied force or system of forces.
"In America, through pressure of conformity, there is freedom of choice, but nothing to choose from."-Peter Ustinov

Growing up in America
Pressure is self-inflicted. It's what you make of it or how you let it rub off on you. - Sebastian Coe
"You don’t have to be a Yale professor to know that working to achieve someone else’s idea of happiness won’t lead to your own."- Margaret Boykin. Growing up is a part of life that sets up the rest of your life. When you’re pressured by everything outside you the only thing that you can do is adapt. There are a variety of things out there that make us learn to adapt, but what really matters how it affects you. You’re changing daily, and when you’re at such a young age growing up in an environment surrounded by a myriad of pressure and the outcome is you. How people adapt to pressures creates us as humans and by looking into how you can attain happiness is something that people struggle with today.

Doing what others want will please them. Doing what you want to do will please you. When you can find decisions that make life easier and always work out for both sides, call me.

“Dad, let’s go to the doll department section! I want a new doll for Christmas.” Imagine hearing that from your eight year old son. What would you say? How would you respond? What happens if men had been stereotyped into using make-up, collecting Barbie dolls, and wearing spaghetti straps? Pressure over the course of thousands of years has affected the way men and women have grown up. Who usually mows the lawn? Who dusts the house? Both genders have been stereotyped into certain categories, but how does that effect children? Why not just do the things that you love to do and have others accept them? Societies pressure placed upon children create who they become. Children watch figures that are deemed important to them and then develop their life to the way they think should be lived. That’s basically children growing up in a nutshell. If they’re given a positive response to choosing something that’s classified as accepted by society what’s to come of it? Odds are they will do it again because there’s positive feedback. What happens when a child does something out of the ordinary? Will they be happy when their father or mother scolds them? Are there Boy and Girl codes generalizing how they “should” grow up? Pressure from parents, friends, society, and thousands of others create the person who you think you should be.

Children are growing up with the perception that if they’re to achieve happiness they need to have the acceptance of their parents. Even I grew up thinking that and still do, but the definition of the happiness you seek and what your parents seek for you is probably the same as your relationship with your parents; sucky. Happiness comes from inside. You can please nearly everyone else, but the one person you’ve got to please is yourself. What children shouldn't be doing is to make others happy, but rather developing a set of values that they'd like to attain. Instead they've been shoved into the quote on quote "American Dream." This involves men taking out the trash, mowing the lawn and fixing the cars. Then there's the perception of the females to do the laundry, cook the food for the household and clean the house. Both of these steryotypical things done by genders in America have set up negative asperations towards both genders. Men must have the look to be bold and hide their emotions while females share their emotions with the world. Why is this placed upon children to grow up into "The American Dream"? Because Americans put it into such emphisis on succeeding in the real world. All this pressure comes out into kids going to extreme measures to keep what they believe is right.

Representation of PowerGrowing up who doesn't remember hearing all the oooooo noises when you had seen a girl and boy kiss. I mean I remember my mom and dad kissing everyday before they'd leave for work and it just seemed normal to me. It sort of infused in my DNA an image of kissing associated with acceptance. Now whenever I see a couple kissing I associate that the tdifferences!.jpgwo people kissing have a powerful bond that connects eachother through something more than lust. The bond shared between those two people kissing must be significant enough that they'd do almost anything for eachother. Another example of an exterior pressance shaping who I am today would be the movie the "Titanic." I've got no idea why that movie has been ingrained inside my mind as such a powerful movie to watch, but I know that the bond between Jill and Jack seemed too real to believe. I thought that to have a succesfull relationship then I've got to go out on a cruise ship one day and find the girl of my dreams. Then treat her the best way possible. I'm sure that the Titanic contributed towards the perception that having a strong relationship means having an intamite relationship.Power, relating back to the pressure on teenagers to succeed can determine what a child grows up believing. If they're to think that having a bank account that reaches the sky then that's what has to happen for them to have power. Maybe it's taking over the family business and taking over the family name. Each person has their own view of what's powerful and not but the topic that I'd like to bring to attention would be the pressure on Americans who're not caucasian to have "Power." Power viewed by others coming to America such as several Asian populations. The numbers speak for themselves because when Cornells sucicide percentage of Asians is 50 percent there's one thing to attribute it to. Parenting. How do parents want their child to be? Probably more powerful then the rest of the students in the childs' class. They're wanting power in their family name. Power that can only be viewed as useful unless they're to accept what they've got.Some could say that the power of mind is key because if you think you've got power then why would you need to chase it? The power of the mind contradicts itself because it may say one think, yet think another because thoughts are always poping in and out. What happens when you've got all of the power in the world though? What happens when there's nothing else to achieve, but yet you're looking for something out their that'll give you more. As for myself i've been chasing that dream of getting enough power to do very well in basketball because I've thought that if I can beat a person in one on one basketball i'm worth something. Reality is that i'm really worth something without my basketball skills, but the mind is a complex thing. Competition is a huge part of power because it's the aspect of I'm better than you. I've got an edge over you, but is that really power? Should physical characteristics really determine what type of power a person can have?Socities representation of power would be the President of the United States, a senator, congressman, CEO of a company, anything with a high paying job. Power could be se,en as monetary value and many see power as that, but more importantly is the want to get into that position. That's why humans can evolve. They can try to get more power, but in a perfect world there's only one thing you can do. Accept what you can do, accept what you can't do and do everything to the best of your ability.

Connection from another WikiLooking at all of amazing wikipidia pages our class has put up, I've chosen to discuss Ryan S. and Brendan R. pages. They've both brought up the issues of steryotyping certain people in ways that are looked down upon. For example Brendan uses the discussion of Professional Athletes not being able to "come out of the closet" because they'd be afraid of all the harrasment, mental abuse and violence bringing with it. I don't disagree at all with athletes not coming out only because they'd face different and more rigorous tasks at hand. I know that saying I wouldn't want to change in a locker room with a person who's interested in their own sex is probably wrong. Beliefs that "gays" are different from regular people is very off though. Both are human, I mean we're all human for that matter, but to be judging a person on their sexual orentation is just wrong. It's one quality of that person, but if society keeps placing myriads of pressure on athletes to be a certain way how else are they to react? I can almost guarentee that if a superstar athelete such as LeBron James, Peyton Manning, Manny Pacquiao or Albert Pujols who said "I'm coming out of the closet" would litteraly change the way they've been portrayed in several ways. They'd face judgement from nearly everyone in the world, including teammates or opponents. Imagine having Manny Pacquiao fighting Floyd Mayweather, but the day before Pacquiao said he was gay. Do you think Mayweather would show up for that match? Even if they were to get into the ring how many questions before, during and after the fight do you think would be directed towards the fact he was gay. Reporters would be all over the scene to see that because not a single athlete has said "I'm gay" during their prime in their professional career. It just hasn't happened, but if it were to happen I honestly don't know how America would respond.When kids look up to athletes growing up several want to be that baseball hitter who's in the bottom of the ninth with two outs and down by a run or hitting the game winning buzzer beating shot in basketball. Do kids really care whether an athlete is gay though? Kids don't even fathom the idea that athletes could be gay. Would their perception of that athlete change though? Probably because with all of the negative stereotyping around homosexuals, due to society, kids would see their once beloved athlete as something else. A person who's not really any different from anyone else, but due to socities pressures not to be a gay athlete there's nothing else that can change a little kids mind besides their parents or changing the views of society.Ryan's paper is also well managed with the perception of the stereotypical "white QB." White QB's have been throughout the NFL for decades and nearly all sports had been dominated by whites because blacks wern't seen as worthy. In the 1930's there were only white basketball players. Why? Because society made it that way. Society said that if there were going to be players playing profesionally then they must be white, but 80 years later the NBA is dominated by blacks. Why? Because they're naturally better and superior athletes. Could Larry Bird go against LeBron James? Magic Johnson vs Steve Nash? Who'd win? Ryan also states that black QB's have been emerging over the past few decades, but maybe it's only because white QB's are better. Why is it? Genetics. I personally associate athleticsm with blacks while the white men are left to try to play the positions that require less movement, such as guards, QB, and pitching in the MLB. Both races have an advantage in my mind, but in the end it equals out and both races have equaly important roles in Professional Sports.From a personal perspective gay people on sports teams is fine. I've been on a team with a person who's gay, but the fact of the matter is that he's really a good person who would help out a lot of people. He'd offer help to anyone who'd need help in either school work or athletic training. If anything I'd say that he just wasn't a type of person who's "hands on." Is there anything bad with that though? Hell no. This person would litterally try to help out any person that wanted help because he's just a kind hearted person. If society is supposed to change, it has to start somewhere and why not start the change by sticking up for that person? I personally don't see anything wrong with gay athletes playing sports. If they're good at what they do then they should do that. If they want to make that decision, I say power to that person. It's truely very difficult to come to bounds with who you are as a person and I see that if you're gay and voice it to others, you truely don't give a $#!T what anyone thinks about you. You've come to accept the way you are and you've overcome societies pressure to be a certain way :).