Dominant Women In Society

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Women in America have always been looked at as the “weak” ones. Men have dominance and have held this position over women for many years. When women are looked at as powerful or being able to stand their own ground, people begin to put names to their dominant appearance. People call them Bitches, Fierce, Crazy and Butch. Sometimes people even categorize women who are successful in their place of employment as “dirty”. Making crude remarks that perhaps they could be very successful in bed as they are at their job. Society picks fun at the innocence of a woman to make her seem as a sexual image, one that she doesn’t even appear to be. A studious intern, Liberian, or a teacher are often the punt lines of jokes when talking about something innocence and making it sexual.

When typing into Google, “Dominant woman figures”, web sites came up that addressed having an “abusive” mother, or an “over-bearing” mother. Another website listed had a head line titled “Would you agree that women need a loving dominant male figure in their life?” I typed in WOMAN dominance and yet a website under this search wanted to talk about male dominance. Can society not escape the fact that yes women can hold dominance and not do it through abuse? Interested in this website, I continued my interest on this search and went to this website to learn more about what the writer had to say. As it turns out this website is a marital website that can help anyone in a relationship with advice. The author says that “I think some women don’t realize it, but they really would benefit greatly from having a loving dominant male figure in their life. Because of woman’s fluctuating hormones and mood swings they need a man to guide and protect them. Someone to take charge and tell them no. Someone to lovingly correct their behavior when they are being moody. Someone to law down the law when necessary. Some women don’t even know what they want half the time”. I think that enough was said from that article. The best part of the whole article is that it was written on March 22nd, 2010. The messages that society has been feeding to Americans through media and advertisements has made it clear that we still don’t see women as being dominant and independent. I was assuming that in my search’s I would come across women who have taken a stand for something that they believe in, such as Rosa Parks, or Serena Williams. In society we continue to title women with an appearance, one that doesn't fit who they truly are, but one that people in our society view them as being. The picture shown here at the right is a picture that shows a woman, a business women wearing "sexy librarian lenses". Concluding that the glasses that librarians wear are sexy, and hold a secret message behind them. Not that the glasses she is wearing would help her to see.

I think some women don’t realize it, but they really would benefit greatly from

having a loving dominant male figure in their life. Because of women’s fluctuating

hormones and mood swings they need a man to guide and protect them. Someone

to take charge and tell them no. Someone to lovingly correct their behavior when

they are being moody. Someone to lay down the law when necessary. Some women

don’t even know what they want half the time. That is where the man needs to keep

them focused. And isn’t is interesting how many daddys’ girls there are? Women look

up to loving dominant men in their life because it is what they need. Later, when they

get married they need their husband to take over that role”

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In the clip below, a man covers a news reporter who chocked on a hot dog while covering a story at a Boston Red Sox's game.
He takes the innocent story that a woman was covering and makes it completely sexual, something that was referring to her.

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Growing up a young woman in America can at times be viewed at as difficult. They are looked down upon in sports, in the work force, and even when it comes to the roles that teenagers play in the house. Teenagers are considered “dumb”, uneducated and weak. When it comes to sports, Title nine had to be passed in 1972, just to insure that women were receiving equality when it came to sports. That was only 39 years ago. This helps enforce that no person shall be judged based upon their sex when it comes to athletics. This also means that the women’s sports and men’s sports per season shall receive equal allowances. If High School sports are required to give an equal allowance to sports, why can’t women and men receive an equal allowance in the work force? Teenagers in America have to deal with this struggle as teenagers and learn how to adjust to it when they become women.

Teenage girls in America are viewed at a young age as flaky, blonde haired, blue eyed, puppy loving, ditsy fake girls. People imagine that they have big breasts, flat stomachs, and long legs. They are slightly tanned and are always gossiping about who is dating who and who is cheating on whom. Some people might find this stereotype ridiculous and fake, but it is actually completely realistic. The Allstate commercial shows Mr. Mayhem. He is going around causing problems to promote that yes Americans need insurance. In this commercial, Mr. Mayhem is promoting more than insurance, he is publically announcing the stereotype that millions of people put upon American Girls. These commercial makes young women in America appear as not only bad drivers, but to catch up in the drama of their shallow lives to even care about their personal safety. Allstate paints a vivid image that many have in their minds when they think of teenage girls. So in a large sum up, we are expected to look like Barbie.

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Sowetwomen16.jpgme people might not understand what I mean when I say, the regardless to title nine, women still don’t receive the same equality that men do when it comes to sports. What people don’t understand is that there are still men out there that demine women in sports. In the clip below is a man by the name of Norm Macdonald who covers sports news. He makes the news “funny”. What he doesn’t see is the sexist remarks he brings up to discussion that he then finds “funny”. For a woman who is involved with sports, seeing this clip makes it seem that he finds sexism funny. People like him are why women are still constantly struggling to reach their equality on the playing fields. For teenage girls in America, he makes it seem that a dream of growing up to play a professional sport is completely unrealistic, or that perhaps we might be laughed at.

In the image shown to the left, these women are sporting soccer apperal. They are made to look sexy, taking the image of athletic women, and making them seem like they are sex objects. There is no picture shown where men are wearing football pads, but are posing in a sexual way. Women don't receive the same treatmen as men.



Growing up with a disability in America is never easy. You are constantly viewed as different, pulled out from participating in the things that you want to do, and many times you are picked on. People with disabilities are just like you and I are, except they face many challenges that we don’t, they have to live their daily lives but try ten times harder to do everything. Understanding that there are many benefits that help people in America who are living with disabilities, there are still many things that are holding them back from doing certain things. There are Special Olympics for those with disabilities to perform sports. There are no teams within high schools that allow children with special needs to participate in sporting games. There should be a opportunity for children who have special needs to participate in high school sporting events, whether they are the water girl/boy, or if they want to wear a jersey and sit on the bench.
In the ad above, the message is to stop bullying online. The message they want to send is a good message, end cyber bullying, but the actual message itself is bad, it refers to people who do cruel bad things as retards. Retard is a word that many people use feely, without understanding the meaning behind it. It is a harsh word that offends millions of people living in the United States with a mental illness. Those who are disabled are “mentally disabled”, not retarded.

The other ads are trying to prevent people from using the R-word, one that offends everyone. People who perform in the Special Olympics are trying to campaign their event along with helping to ban the R-word. Many events make children with disabilities feel secluded, but the one event that they get to have, that others can’t steal the fame from them is the Special Olympics. The movie, The Ringer, was a movie about a man who was not disabled who posed as a child with disabilities to win the grand prize, a large amount of cash. Upon discovering that children with disabilities are just like everybody else, he showed others who he truly was. He felt guilty for what he had been doing, but apologized to his new friends. Although the message of the movie appears sweet, just like the ad above, the actual words that are said in the movie are harsh. Dropping the R-word many times and making children with disabilities seem dumb. They make the Special Olympics appear easy, disregarding the fact that these children train for months to participate in these events. The Ringer is a movie, that others children with disabilities. And our society allowed it. This clip shows what the movie plays children with disabilities to act like. When watching the movie clip, it is clear that the father plays a harsh character and tells his son that he needs to act more like a Retard. Considering that this movie came out in 2005, this term of language should not be said or even joked around with.
, this link shows a video of a character from Glee talking out about what it is like to live being mentally challenged every day. After watching this clip their is no way that you would be able to say the word "Retard" when understading what she has to deal with. There is no need for this word, and the TV. show Glee completely understands this. This is why they played a commerical during the show.
, this blog is writen by a mother who analizes the film.It is very true that this movie was funny, but the movie was funny for all the wrong reasons. We should not be laughing at children with mental disabilities, this movie should not give us an excuse to laugh at them. Laughing at theses children appears ok when nobody is judging you for your actions, but when you actually are faced with a real situation of a child with mental disabilities playing a sport, you would never laugh at them if they were to fall, trip or even lose. There is no harm in laughing at children with mental disabilites in movies, but there should be.

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When growing up in America, we are constantly faced to understand the “male” and “female” roles. What society has yet to adopt to be the understanding that yes men can be gay and play a masculine sport, and women can be gay and play a feminine sport as well. What our society has done to millions of athletes is pressured them into fitting a certain stereo type. Men will be men and woman will be women. What happens in society is men play into the roles that we want them to be, than once they are out of the public eye, they come out and define who they truly are. So many male athletes came out of the closet once their professional sports careers were finished with. The fear of not receiving the praises and the proper recognition for their outstanding performance as an athlete, keeps the athletes in the closet for many years.
This same situation happens for male men who are singers; Lance Bass was a famous singer for the band NYSNC. Lance and his fellow male singers were always looked at as sexy, strong, handsome men who could sing their way into your heart. When Lance came out many years later, he was no longer in the band. Considered when he was in the band, he was in his 20’s; assuming he already knew that he was gay. I wonder if he kept his sexually a secret for many years because he was scared that he along with his group would no longer hold this “sexy” image, or that perhaps people would think that he had a crush on someone in the group. Peit_gets_better.jpgople are constantly making judgements towards people which they don't always understand their way of living, or simply don't like. For these men and women to openly come out and say that yes they are gay while they are still involved in a professional sport career, is huge. Those who feel the need to shelter themselves from others just because someone might not agree with their life style, are constantly living in hiding. Embrace who you are, and don't be ashamed to share it!