Representation of Difference- Gay Relationships in the Media

In the media homosexual relationships are portrayed very differently as compared to heterosexual relationships. First of all it is obviously not seen as much, although they are progressively becoming more present with shows like Modern Family and Glee. And when they are seen they are not the same as how other relationships are portrayed.

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TV shows that have a gay male relationship tend to show a pattern of lack of showing affection. Will & Grace had two gay male characters but they were just friends. It actually gave the idea that the "perfect relationship" was between a female and a gay male. This then pushes the idea that it is okay to be gay but not okay to be in a gay relationship. You can have those feelings, but you should not show them. This is still showing prejudice against gay males. Another pattern with gay males in media can be seen in advertisements. Many of the advertisments that do have a gay couple in them are beer ads. This is partially surprising because generally beer is associated with being manly and being gay is not. However, at the same time by linking homosexuality with beer and alcohol, it could also be linked or associated that homosexuality "occurs" or is only acceptable when you are drunk or under the influence of alcohol, still not a good pattern to have.

In addition to these two unfortunate patterns it is also common for television shows to show gay couples covering their identities. Even in Glee, a show that has both a gay couple and a lesbian couple demonstrates this. The characters Kurt and Blaine are planning to go to prom

external image thumbnail.aspx?q=878129122766&id=c7aba5faf22cffe945fc3e1afe87ac84&, however when Kurt comes downstairs dressed in an outfit he designed himself (rather than a traditional tuxedo), both his dad and his boyfriend tell him that he should not wear that to prom because they do not want to draw unneccesary attention to themselves. It is sad that gay characters are represented as having to hide their identities.

Lesbians, similarly to gays, are also not seen as often in the media. There are only a few current popular television shows containing a lesbian couple including Pretty Little Liars and, as previously stated, Glee. The difference between the represenation of gays and lesbians however is that gay couples seem to have a lack of affection but lesbian couples are overly sexualized and have become a type of heterosexual male fantasy. In John Tucker Must Die there is a scene where one girl is instructing another on how to kiss a guy. To do so she ends up demonstrating it. There is a guy watching them and afterwards he makes a comment and tells them to kiss again. This type of interaction, where someone would creepily tell a couple to kiss again would be a lot less likely to occur if the couple was heterosexual. It shows that homosexual couples are clearly represented differently in media.